Hi, I'm Zach!

A passionate full-stack developer, freelancer, & entrepreneur!

I currently am a full-time student that enjoys developing. I have been developing graphics and UI since 2017, but in late 2018 I got into backend development. Currently I freelance and am building a company of my own. Feel free to check out the site for more information about me and my works! Oh, and contact me with questions, comments, or work requests.

I am currently working on a complete redo of this site, so some information may be outdated and not all projects are listed.

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Some Of My Projects

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Redneck's Custom Website Preview

Redneck's Custom Website

I worked directly with Redneck himself to make a completely custom website ...

Shadow Bot Preview

Shadow Bot

A nice multi-purpose bot to suite most needs of any Discord server. Shadow ...

FiveM Extra Menu Preview

FiveM Extra Menu

This menu is a simple way to make changing vehicle extras easy with the abi...

Redneck's Tebex Front-End Preview

Redneck's Tebex Front-End

I worked directly with Redneck to make what he had in his head come to life...

More About Me

As I said at the top of the page, I'm currently a full time student and develop when I can Development has always had a special place in my heart; when I first started doing it I could tell it was for me. Even though it started out as UI design for Roblox communities; I loved every part of it. Quickly my focus drifted into LUA coding for Roblox games. Once I started coding, boom, my journey as a developer kicked into full gear.
I am always trying to further my development skill. I have put said skills toward building myself a company and freelancing. I love doing both as the experience and skills gained make me a better developer everyday. Hopefully I can keep doing what I love, and maybe it can end up being my carrier!
I have mostly worked for myself over the years, but have taken up any jobs that I was able to do. Like stated previously, I currently freelance and am building my own company. I also currently work for Free Mode Designs LTD, a small company that makes 3D models for GTA RP, and I am a contractor for Redneck Modifications LLC, a vehicle modeling company.
One of my biggest advantages to other developers is my ability to adapt, learn, and listen to criticism. I also know that I am not able to do and work on everything, and I am ok admitting to those limitations.

My Expertise

I’m a fullstack developer with a current focus on SvelteKit. I am also able to work with many languages and tools, as listed below.

Languages & Tools I Know:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • NodeJs
  • Svelte
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • DiscordJs
  • mySQL
  • SvelteKit
  • EmbeddedJs
  • API Usage
  • MongoDB
  • Templating (ie. Twig)
  • Markdown

Contact Me:

Social Media: